Resident Advisor reviews 'Simone Gatto & Fabrizio Lapiana - Three Days EP'

The worldwide electronic music leading magazine Resident Advisor has reviewed the latest release of Southern-Italy label Out-ER, "Three Days EP". 

The release as produced by label owner Simone Gatto in featuring with Italian techno DJ/producer Fabrizio Lapiana, folllowing a label showcase held in the label's homeland club Fico D'India, placed on the Ionian seacoast of Lecce, in Apulia. The producers have been making music for three days in a row and came up with a solid four-tracks pack. 

""Close The Gap," a beautiful techno tune from the latest EP on Gatto's Out-er label. Deep and dubby with hints of trance—the good kind—its six minutes are some of the most gorgeous you're likely to experience this month. Anyone who gets to hear this from some afterhours dance floor is leaving the party with a smile"

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