Out-ER Summer 2018

The South-Italy’s label Out-ER committed to me the booking and promotion of its eight-event series, running from June to August 2018 in Fico d’India, an open-air club placed on the Ionian coast of Apulia, in front of the Ionian seacoast. 

The eight-event series start in early June and closes in late August, follows last year’s positive response during few selected label club nights. The parties feature live and DJ sets performances by label affiliates as German heavyweights Efdemin and Inland, British long-standing producer Aubrey, Italian techno lion Fabrizio Lapiana, Substrato Records’s owner Buck, Inkblots and Raw Waxes’ Haiku and Mørk duo. A few selected label friends are also on the bill - Ilian Tape’s Dona aka DJ Plant Texture, L.I.E.S’ Robert Crash, Z.I.P.P.O. and Kaelan as 3KZ, and Chicago house master Marcello Napoletano. Label founders Simone Gatto and Distant Echoes will both play regularly. 

Here the full summer season and guests:

June 1st: Mørk live, Simone Gatto 

June 15th: Distant Echoes, Simone Gatto

June 29th: OL-047 live, Haiku

July 13th: Inland, Simone Gatto live, Distant Echoes

July 27th: Aubrey, Simone Gatto

August 10th: Fabrizio Lapiana, Simone Gatto, Dona aka DJ Plant Texture

August 17th: Efdemin, Simone Gatto, Robert Crash, Marcello Napoletano

August  31st: Buck, 3KZ live (Zippo + Kaelan)