Sagra Elettronica

Sagra Elettronica is a music & street food festival fusing Souther Italian food specialities with wide electronic music and contemporary art installations and performances. 

The first edition took place at Masseria Ospitale, Lecce on July 22nd, 2017 and includes live and dj performances. Supported by and supporting both local and national partners, promoting quality for every service and offering a ten-hour excursus into electronic music contaminations, the event wishes to welcome any participant who appreciates the diversity in entertainment. Check the event on Resident Advisor

The second edition ran on July 27th, 2019 in Lecce with Aisha Devi, Nkisi, Jay Glass Dubs, DJ WAR, Gauna & Mocry, Larssen, Ena Ghema and more. The festival was co-funded by Apulia's regional cultural department and offered a 10-hours excursus of live and dj sets, street food for any dietary requirement, photo installations, a new secret room for contemporary arts, and an exclusive exhibition about legendary painter Ugo Tapparini. See the event here