Velvet Culture Festival

Associazione Culturale Barocco Movement committed to me the creation, promotion and artistic direction of a new electronic music festival in Lecce, South of Italy, taking place during Christmas. The event aims to offer both the recreational and cultural side of music, through diverse event formats - conferences, live performances and DJ set - happening in various locations of the city. I've been in charge for the festival's first and second edition. 

The cultural program was developed by going deeper in different topics of the industry and the audience, via a series of Italy's long-standing music operators: journalists Giousè Impellizzeri and Damir Ivic, music executive Gianfranco Bortolotti, festival promoters Dino Lupelli, Marco Ligurgo and Vittoria De Franchis, Puglia Sounds head Cesare Veronico, authors Pierfrancesco Pacoda, Ennio Ciotta and Michele Casella. The recreational program included live and dj performances from musically-diverse performers like Jeff Mills and Ben Klock driving techno, Ninos Du Brasil's batucada-infused techno, Daniele Baldelli explosive disco, Claudio Coccoluto's finest house, Theo Allegretti contemporary jazz, Massimo Amato and Ivo D'Antoni's ethnic-funk-jazz selections, Nitro's killer hip-hop, Sammartano's avant-garde live performance and more. 

The response was very positive, from sponsors to audience and media. The festival registered about 6k participants all over the two editions and got covered via on regional and national press like Internazionale, Repubblica, DJ MAG, Corriere Della Sera, Il Messaggero and more. The main sponsors were Tuborg and Cantine Paololeo. 

Check the aftermovie of Velvet Culture Festival first and second editions: